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I love photography. To be more specific, I really love being a wedding photographer. I’m just so grateful that I get to do something that excites and challenges me. A wedding is the ultimate photostory of love. I am a professional photojournalist and was a staff photographer at the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner for 15 years. My excitement overflowed when I was assigned to a photostory, and I believe it started my love for the art. This allowed me to stay on a story longer and capture the human interest and narrative beyond a quick shot. A wedding is just the same, it’s a live event unfolding before my lens. There is a purity of emotion that is inaccessible at any other point in one’s life, and I rely on my instincts to capture the preparations, the anticipation, the joy, the emotion, and the unexpected. For many photographers, this is exactly why they DON’T want to photograph weddings. Photographers often prefer complete control over lighting, composition, and hope emotion doesn’t get in the way of the picture. I am the opposite! I embrace the raw beauty in chaos. I take pride in my ability to guide my couples through the day. I find the best locations for portraits, plan for the most dramatic light, help key emotional moments unfold and keep the families happy and at ease. After 20 years as a professional photographer I know what my nervous couples are feeling, even if they don’t show it, and I make it my goal to for them to feel supported throughout the day.

As a wedding photographer, I have an opportunity to showcase your personality and unique photography style with clients. I strive to capture authenticity and raw beauty in the essence of our surroundings. I want people to feel speechless looking at my work, rather than think about technicalities. Photography is an emotional experience, and it should transport you to that exact moment, and make you feel how you felt then. When I’m behind the lens, that’s when I really see people; my creativity, my passion, and my freedom flow through my camera freezing time. People trust me when I have a camera in my hand, that is the greatest compliment I can receive. I am passionate and confident in my work and skill. For two decades I have stood behind the lens capturing countless moments, some of these moments being “last moments” between family members. I have received notes portraying my clients countless thank you’s because I was able to capture that one last amazing moment. That is something that reminds me why I do this, why I am so inherently positive that I chose the right career. I love my job, because it doesn’t feel like a job at all, I wake up excited to face the day. When clients have sessions that make them feel happy, and satisfied, they want to continue that tradition. I work hard to build relationships with families and watch families and children grow before my eyes, generations multiplying, and it makes me feel pure bliss. I am incredibly thankful to everyone for allowing me to pursue my passion behind the lens, you will always be etched in my memories.


Wedding Photography

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