The Importance of Archival Printing

I, too, am guilty!

I bring my point and shoot on vacation, around town, to family events and enjoy the ease of viewing digital files instantaneously. I might share them on Facebook and, if I’m not too lazy, download them onto my computer. My back-up methods for my weddings of course are all encompassing, both on site back-ups, off-site, storage, etc., but I don’t pay the same attention to my own candids. The buzz around the images lasts for maybe a week, and then I ignore them. I was recently trying to find some photos from a trip our family made, two years ago, and had no luck. They are gone! I am now making a commitment to send all my digital files out to be printed, using a chemical method, and so should you! Printing from a computer is not adequate. Inks can’t compete with the chemical processes we know create archival prints that last for 200 years or more. While working at the San Francisco Chronicle, our library archivists reported that digital files were degrading and in some cases, corrupting. History gone. But the good news is that by simply uploading our treasured moments to Shutterfly, Snapfish, Costco, etc.,  we are saving our memories for future generations. And, just for pennies. No excuses! As far as your photographic wedding story, allow your photographer to create stunning artistic prints and custom albums with their professional labs. Get those great moments on the wall and enjoy living with custom art of your life. You will never regret the decision to do so. Christina

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