Kendra and Charles: The Engagement

As a San Francisco Bay area wedding photographer, I always do my best to make every moment special especially for what’s about to happen here. Charles innocently went to Ohio a year ago, to attend his friend’s wedding. Little did he know he would meet his future bride. Kendra and Charles hit it off immediately and soon enough, Kendra would leave the Midwest to be with Charles in San Francisco. What a love story! They’re now creating a life together in the Bay Area and getting ready for their wedding. For these images, we played around at Crissy Field and Fort Point. Later, friends threw the couple a spectacular engagement party at the Julia Morgan Ballroom, where I was able to use the great sidelight for some classic imagery. I wanted the photography to be done right to ensure that Kendra and Charles will have some wonderful moments to cherish later on in their life.

San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer

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I specialize in wedding photography so it’s always my pleasure to bring you some of the best shots you’ll ever see. It is my duty as a professional photographer to help you capture the moment and help you remember it for the rest of your life. Wonderful moments such as a wedding usually happens only once in a person’s life so I always do whatever it takes to make every shot special. So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer in California area then let me know and we’ll talk about  your needs.

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