How to get the best wedding photos ever!

How to get the best wedding photos ever!


1. Find your style:

Make sure your photographer’s style is what makes your heart skip a beat. Take a look at her blog and see if there’s a consistency and feel to her latest work. For instance, my style is casual and editorial and that’s why clients book me versus someone that does solely posed and rigid. They want a wedding story, and emotional images that tell their story without words. Some wedding photography is more formal, ethereal or fashion geared, decide which is your own style and then make sure you book the photographer with the right style for your needs, and do not be afraid to voice your opinion, they are YOUR memories. A good photographer knows their strengths and weaknesses and will not put themselves in a position to produce bad photos. Be open and honest with your wants and needs, otherwise you will be doing yourself, and the photographer a disservice if you’re not on the same page with one another. Honesty is key when shopping for a photographer.

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2. Book an engagement session

It’s a unique experience to be in front of a camera. It takes practice to open up, trust and let your personality shine. This is a great time to get to know how it will feel, and can alleviate anxiety about being in front of a camera. You don’t want your first experience to be on your wedding day, it’s too stressful for everyone. Getting those perfect shots; walking, kissing, looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, they all take practice. It also gives you a chance to see what you two look like in the photos—so we can tweak things on the big day. We want to get your best sides on your day, so when you look at your photos, you are blown away.

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3. Make time for portraits on your wedding day

This is a big one. MAKE SURE to work with your photographer on your wedding day timeline, so that she can get all of the accessory pictures as well as couples, or any specific photos you are wanting to take. Some couples want a “first look session” before their trip down the aisle, that takes time and is a special moment not to be rushed. We want to get all the intricate details captured for you to remember. To be able to get to all your favorite spots on the venue, I recommend at least 30 minutes of just couples portraits. It takes time to get a variety of poses, locations, lighting and mood to create beautiful wedding day portraits.


4. Consider sunset for portraits

If possible, build the timeline to include portraits at sunset. Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset cascading in the background while wearing the most beautiful dress they’ve ever worn, and kissing their new spouse? There are so many options at this time of the evening, and it is the dream time for photographers to make portraits. The sky is magical because it adds texture and drama to the landscape.

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5. Relax and have fun!

Couples love their portraits best when they take a deep breath and remember their big day is all about EACH OTHER. This is the time to truly celebrate your union, snuggle, laugh and let go. Relaxed interactions are so beautiful and authentic, and we want to capture the realness of the two of you. They say, pictures are worth a thousand words, but to you they are priceless

—yes, even if it hails or the strap on your left shoe snaps. The laughter and love will shine through photos if you are able to relax, and concentrate on each other.


Contact me today to check your date! 

Contact me today to check your date! 

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