Cinematic Wedding Videography

We created Nightingale Wedding Films in order to have a wonderful complement to our documentary-style photography. Since 98% of brides regret not investing in a wedding film, we want to help you skip the regret and focus on looking back on your wedding day with the brightest happiness possible.

My filmmaker is none other than my amazingly talented husband: Richard Koci Hernandez. Because we work as one team and experience the wedding together, we also work together in the editing process, recalling the mood, ambiance, and tone to find the perfect music to enhance your unique story. After all, our cinematic approach is to create a one-of-a-kind story. You want an epic narrative to your wedding film that allows you to play it over and over and experience the day all over again. We will also sometimes work together to look through the photography for stills from the day to use as punctuation points throughout the film.

Our style is unobtrusive, quiet, and understated. We want the focus to be on our couples, not on our equipment or interruptions. We value the feedback we’ve been able to hear from clients over the years and have tuned our videography accordingly. We’ve had couples tell us how powerful it has been to hear the parents’ voices, to hear their best friends years after the wedding—or to see the dancing and the guests interacting. We strive to capture a piece of history that will live in your family for generations to come.

Our films focus on the people and families that came together for one special weekend. As opposed to traditional videography, which is shot continuously on a typical video camera, our cinematic approach is a storytelling film. We will often mix speeches, images, and music together in an artistic way—displaying your wedding in a way that is unique to you without missing any important moments. We want to focus on the story, capturing all of your special moments, from the morning prep to the toasts to the wedding vows to the dancing—sometimes in that order! Since you can’t be in two places at once, this video style will also allow you to see what your guests were doing while you were off getting your photos taken.

We want to tell your story and hope that you will consider adding videography to your wedding day. After all, this is a one-of-a-kind day; shouldn’t you give it all the attention and care you deserve?


Here is a sampling of videography we have done over the years:

Half Moon Bay Wedding Film-Cat and Doug’s Lighthouse Wedding by Nightingale Photography

Stunning Bernardus Lodge Wedding | Erin and Cass

Murrieta’s Well Wedding | Allison and Kyle

Rachael and David | Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding San Francisco

See more Wedding Films here:

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