yumiko y.

This was not the first time I’ve posed for business portraits, but it’s never been as easy, and I’ve never loved the end results (meaning I’d really like to keep & use them personally, not just for work!) as much as those Christina did.  Christina took solo business portraits of me during a workshop (I totally lucked out!), and she also created a photo documentary of the whole workshop in action.

The individual photo shoot was really fun and casual and quick and easy – almost no time to feel self-conscious.  Christina is terrific at putting you at ease.  And the results — amazing.  I know Christina has a fantastic eye because she captured me in different (& better!) ways than I’ve seen myself before.  I saw this also as I viewed some of my workshop members’ portraits – each person’s grace & beauty was so authentically captured, it was pure pleasure to see.

The photo documentary of the workshop was also beautifully done – a tale in pictures of what we had experienced as a group.  Christina really caught the essence of our group dynamic through her photo story and “told” our story in a very poignant and special way.