Sheila D.

We highly recommend Nightingale Photography!  Christina’s manner of conducting her business is professional and courteous, her personality is so fun and easy and her work is gorgeous.

I came across Christina’s work and was absolutely amazed!  I don’t know the first thing about photography, but I simply loved the artistic edge to her images.  Once I saw them, I knew she was exactly what we were looking for.  I emailed Christina and she responded by email right away and we made arrangements to speak by phone the following day.  She is such a sweet and pleasant person!

Christina answered all of our questions promptly and with such heartfelt enthusiasm.  She even agreed to be our witness and truly made us feel like it was such an honor for her to do so.  We both greatly dislike being in front of the camera (me especially and I don’t photograph well for this reason!), but she coached us along and had us laughing.  Surprisingly, we had so much fun having our pictures taken.

Since the wedding was truly an elopement (complete secret), Christina offered to get us a couple of pictures early so we would have something to share with our loved ones as soon as we told them the news.  We both really appreciated this and were blown away when we discovered she prepared 30 images for us!  There was so much variety (like we wanted).  The pictures are so vibrant – she captured a lot of emotion and there are several that feel like a piece of photographic art, not a picture of us!  We already have several picked out that we absolutely adore, it really doesn’t matter how the rest turn out.  Though we are excited to see them all!

On an unrelated note, Christina even gave us recommendations for our celebratory dinner later that night and her recommendation was the perfect end to our day.   It is evident she loves weddings of all shapes and sizes.  We highly recommend Christina and would love to work with her again.