Sarah Y.

Christina photographed our July 2015 wedding at Paradise Ridge winery, as well as our engagement photo shoot. We could not have been happier! Photographs were my #1 thing for the wedding, because after the wedding day is over, the photos are what you have to remember it by 🙂
I could not be happier with our photos.

Great things about Christina:
* she is super warm and friendly, and quickly puts you at ease. This is critical because it will show in the pictures if you’re relaxed and having fun or if you’re feeling awkward and nervous. Christina makes it light and fun, which shows in the photos.
* we did our engagement photo shoot in North Beach, SF, and I love her style of the couple “out & about in the city and someone happened to snap a photo” vs the more formal/staged style. She had the route down – she knew about 7 places within a block or two of each other that she had scoped out and been to before, so the whole thing was really fast and easy – let’s run into this cafe, snap-snap-snap quickly takes 100 pictures, ok let’s run out to his gorgeous view on the street around the corner, snap-snap-snap. She was 100% in control and knew exactly how to get great photos fast.
* entirely professional – always on time, really responsive to our questions by email, uploaded our photos digitally and made a short video of some of the best photos.
* I loved that she pre-filters the photos to only good ones – she gets rid of the ones with eyes closed or weird expressions (at least I assume she does – because we didn’t see any bad photos, and we didn’t have the problem many of my friends described of receiving 5,000 photos and not knowing where to start).
* she is flexible and excited to try anything – she was great about scoping out good photos spots quickly before our wedding, even though we were in an area that was new to her.
* she has an amazing eye – the photos are gorgeous – well framed, great light, and they just capture the emotion of the moment so well.

Thank you, Christina!