Riss P.

I was shopping around for a wedding photographer when I first heard about Christina through a colleague, who mentioned that one of her only regrets about her wedding was not having discovered Christina before she got married.

I was immediately curious, given that I’m a journalist, and I tend to trust other journalists who typically have a particular eye for that special place where beautiful images meets visual storytelling. After interviewing her and reviewing her work, my husband and I hired her almost immediately.

Christina’s photos are gorgeous– well composed, artistic and poignant. While she has an authentic documentary style that recalls events of the wedding as they unfold, she also puts her own signature on each photo, whether it’s through a unique angle, expert composition, flattering lighting, or post-production finishes.

During the planning process, I also learned the real importance of anticipating not only how the photos will turn out, but the journey in getting there with a photographer. Christina’s ebullient personality not only made her a delight to work with, but she helped put a camera-shy couple at ease (giving us specific directions for poses) during our initial engagement portrait session, prepping us for the big day.