nasim n.

I need about 10 more stars for Christina!  She did a phenomenal job capturing every moment of our wedding!  We were a little nervous b/c our wedding was an Iranian/American wedding and we were having an Iranian ceremony and wanted the right moments to be captured at the ceremony, also just of everything to do with the culture etc., so we were considering hiring a persian photographer.  I’m so glad we didn’t!

Christina went above and beyond and made our wedding look like a professional photo shoot for a wedding magazine!  I stare at our pictures in amazement b/c the colors, the angles and the moments she captured were beautiful!  I highly recommend Nightingale photography b/c they are extremely professional and knowledgeable in their field.  Christina has an eye and certain style to taking photo’s in a certain way that not too many photographers can match.  Just compare her photo blog to others and you can see what I mean.  I also want to point out that we did a videography package as well and Richard was fabulous to work with!  They have a positive attitude and tirelessly keep shooting everything.

Bottom line… they produce beautiful work with a wonderful attitude that makes you feel at ease and so proud to share your photos.  They’re fun to work with and I can’t praise them enough!  🙂