lindsay p.

Christina Hernandez is by far the most talented professional I have dealt with. When I got engaged, I spent hours online not looking at package pricing or reputations of photographers in the bay area, but merely their work. I was immediately taken by her different styles and brilliant images of children and weddings. They stood out from the cookie cutter traditional wedding photography offered by many companies. She offered two completely different looks for our photo shoots, the engagement session and the wedding. We actually had too many wonderful photos to pick from to make our albums, a rarity in the photography business. Not only does she capture true human emotion through calculated, yet candid shots, she puts a creative, modern edge on her editing which makes them pop off the page. Viewers feel they are back at the scene, traveling through time. Her personality put guests as well as ourselves at ease knowing we could completely trust her with the most important aspect of a wedding, the photos. She also offered an ingenious idea of a “photo booth” where guests could do prom style poses for their own special memories at no additional charge, a huge hit at our event! She is a bubbly, sincere photographer who really cares about her clients and their love story, not the paycheck or timetable. Her assistant also carries the same dignified composure as herself. She really wants to capture your special moments and is more than highly recommended. What a great person and professional! Her work is priceless.