Dara M.

Christina Hernandez of Nightingale Photography is nothing short of perfect. Meeting her at a Starbucks in San Francisco assured us that we had found the perfect person to shoot our wedding. I found her website and blog after hours of searching online and was immediately drawn to the music, the images, and the overall feel of her photos. As a person who sees pictures as art I really wanted to find someone who would capture the feel of the day, the love, the romance and the unique people we are without intruding. I feel like Christina is a friend for life rather than a random person I hired to perform a service.

My husband loathes having his photo taken and often makes unpleasant faces when a camera is pointed in his direction but Christina made him completely comfortable. He was able to relax, smile and commented on how nice it was to have her join us for our wedding and how he didn’t even notice her presence most of the time. Our friends and family loved meeting her and also commented on how professional she was.

Then came the photos. Christina posted a couple teaser photos on her blog less than 3 weeks after our wedding and they are mind blowing, stunning, perfect works of art! We are elated and so glad that we chose her to share our wedding day with us! We can’t wait to see more!