Carl A.

All the reviews of this photographer are great and justifiably so. She is simply the best. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with her over a long period of time and have not only seen how her craft has developed, but the heart and spirit that goes into her photographs. She invests such a sense of fun and whimsy that is contagious to her subjects, which works in their favor when it comes to their sessions. Her aesthetic and sense of composition is different from other photographers, in that she comes from decades of experience in photojournalism so there is a wonderful narrative quality that is unique to her pieces.

Photo shoots can be a slog, but Christina makes it anything but. Nothing ever felt forced or unnatural in our sessions, and it shows in the imagery. After we got our photos back we were stunned that it was us in those beautiful images. Trust me, you’ll never look this good in such a natural way.

Basically put:
After seeing her photos you’ll want to hire her.
After meeting with her you’ll be excited about your session.
After receiving your photos you’ll never EVER want to go to anyone else again.