Ann V.

Christina will hereby be my first choice for any photography work I’ll ever need in the future.  We met at a work-related conference, where she took portraits for those of us in attendance.  I detest getting my picture taken, and was happily shocked and taken aback when I saw the results.  The portraits were beautiful and I received many compliments from friends and family.  I was even told that they were so good I almost looked unrecognizable (hmmm, wonder what that says about me??).

For this camera-shy, and typically non-photogenic gal, Christina’s work was a breath of fresh air!  She’s also very warm, approachable, and I liked the fact that she’s an experienced photojournalist.  As I contemplate a possible move to the Bay Area, I hope to use her talents again for more pictures of friends, family, and dogs.  🙂